Curriculum Maps

We give children a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rich, stimulating learning experiences enhanced through first hand experiences, visits and visitors. We make great use of the local area to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of the children. We provide a curriculum that develops children academically, physically, socially, and spiritually based in a strong Christian foundation.  Our enrichment teachers provide expertise in their field, giving the children the best possible learning experiences.

We use the National Curriculum programmes of study as the basis for the children’s learning. We follow a rolling programme using a topic based approach that links different areas of the curriculum. Each aspect of the subject is then differentiated to meet the needs of the children. We provide a curriculum map each term showing the learning planned in all aspects of the curriculum.

We reflect and review our curriculum topics regularly, ensuring variety and interest for our children. 

Learning Maps:

Spring 2 Reception 2020

 Spring 2 Year 1 2020

Spring 2 Year 2 2020

Spring 2 Year 3 2020

Spring 2 Year 4 2020

Spring 2 Year 5 2020

Spring 2 Year 6 2020


Our aim at Mrs Ethelston’s is to promote high standards of language and literacy by embedding our teaching of spelling, reading, grammar and writing across the whole curriculum. This allows us to maximise exposure to these skills and enables the children to consolidate their learning in a range of ways. We plan our literacy units of work to closely match our creative topics thereby providing purposeful and engaging opportunities for the children to write. We facilitate this learning by sharing with the children a wide range of high quality texts and genres to expose the children to a substantial variety of writing styles and authors.

 We strive to develop a passion for reading and use this as a tool to unlock interests and topics. We publically promote reading for pleasure through our new library space, our class reads, celebrating World Book Day, D.E.A.R challenge and a sponsored readathon.

Where possible, teaching of reading and grammar is interwoven into literacy sessions so that the skills can be embedded alongside writing. In some classes separate skills sessions are also taught to support understanding in these areas. Discussions, debates, presentations, drama and other speaking and listening activities are also used so that all learners can explore the themes and ideas of texts and genres in a variety of ways.

The children are really proud of their literacy work and this is celebrated through displays, sharing work with other adults and children, and as part of our collective worships.

KS1 Phonics and Reading Schemes

In KS1 we use The Early Reading Programme to teach phonics, and a variety of reading schemes including Jelly and Bean, Oxford University Press, Collins and Rigby. This is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach the first stages of reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding). The programme is designed by Educational Psychologists and is based upon extensive research into the most effective ways of teaching reading.

This is a twice daily session and then application becomes evident as the children approach their reading and written work.  Children’s progress is continually reviewed and they are formally assessed regularly. The National Phonics Screening Check is performed in June of Year 1. The purpose of the screening check is to confirm that all children have learned phonic decoding to an age-appropriate standard. The children who did not meet the required standard for the check in Year 1 enter again in Year 2 with additional support. 'Sight words' are also learned throughout KS1.

We follow Westover Green spelling programme, investigating spelling patterns and rules, and the key words for each year group. Spelling patterns and rules are taught daily and weekly tests take place in KS2. 

As children move into key stage two, we also use an Accelerated Reader programme to develop comprehension skills and aid our assessment of individual children. This tests children on books they have been reading.

Spellings Years 1-6

Spelling-support-for-parents (1).pdf

Complex Speed Sounds Chart

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words.109526725.pdf

English Glossary - Explanation of Terminology

Early Reading Strategies 2017.pdf


We ensure that children form their letters correctly as they progress through their reception year.  As they continue through year one and into year two, cursive handwriting is taught.  The aim is for all children to have neat, legible, well-formed handwriting, with correctly proportioned ascenders and descenders. Children may earn a pen licence in Lower Key Stage 2 when they prove they can maintain this neat style consistently. Whereas, in Upper Key Stage 2 the children who have previously earnt their pen licence will maintain this as long as they maintain their handwriting. 

Handwriting Policy Sept 2017.pdf


 Calculation-Policy Jan 2017 

Please click here to view the ways in which we teach calculations at Mrs Ethelston's.  Although these are shown in year groups, this is a guideline and every child is at a different stage in their own development.  Your child may be a stage further ahead, or may still be relying on methods they have learnt previously.  It is important that children have a breadth of knowledge, therefore, rather than moving ahead to the next year group, they will broaden their knowledge and skills in other ways, for example through problem solving, missing number calcualtions and investigations. The children will have the opportunity to embed their skills through 'Find out Friday' investigations. 


At Mrs Ethelston's, science stimulates and excites children’s natural curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them, as well as satisfying their curiosity for knowledge.

 Through scientific activities, we aim to encourage children to be curious about what is happening around them and to develop a positive and practical approach to scientific learning. We also hope to instil a sense of enjoyment.  Our children are encouraged to question and discuss science-based issues that may affect their own lives and the future of the world.  

 Pupils also have the opportunity to develop their practical scientific methods, processes and skills through a range of scientific enquire, to answer questions they have generated. They are taught how to recognise and control variables where necessary and can use a range of scientific equipment with accuracy and precision to help them to gather data and results.

 Many of our investigations start by the children making a rational prediction and considering things, such as how we will ensure fair or reliable testing throughout.  Finally the children will present their findings in a conclusion whether this is in an oral or written form allowing them to evaluate their findings further.


At Mrs Ethelston's, we aim to develop the children’s geographical and historical understanding through engaging and meaningful topics. We strive to develop the children’s engagement with geographical and historical knowledge with an understanding of how the past impacts upon the present. The children’s historical and geographical enquiry skills are developed through evaluation of evidence, logical thinking and working systematically to ask and answer questions.


In History, our children in Key Stage 1 are taught to consider changes within living memory, events beyond living memory and the lives of significant individuals in the past. In Key Stage 2, children develop their sense and understanding of chronology through local, British and world history.


In Geography, Key Stage 1 children are taught about their local environments, to be able to name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and to be able to name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans. The children in Key Stage 2 are taught about places in the United Kingdom, wider world and how places relate to each other.

Religious Education

At Mrs Ethelston’s, we use a creative and flexible approach to provide RE, incorporating art, music and drama into our study. Pupils learn about Christianity as the main religious tradition in this country, but also about other principal religions represented in Britain such as Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. RE, however is not only about understanding specific religious traditions. It offers pupils the opportunity to think about their own lives, values, attitudes or beliefs and the chance to express their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways.

The study of Christianity is at the heart of our curriculum. We follow the Christian calendar and embed the core Christian values throughout our teachings of other faiths. The required syllabus in Devon is Understanding Christianity, which provides a systematic and consistent process which enables children to develop their understanding of religious traditions of our increasingly diverse society. The principal aim of RE in Devon is to engage pupils in enquiring into big questions arising from the study of religion, belief, philosophy and ethics. In doing so Religious Education will support pupils’ own personal moral, philosophical, ethical and spiritual development and promote respect for others.

As a Church of England school we take seriously our role of presenting Christianity as a living faith. A close link with the church community is encouraged so pupils can see Christian Life, Worship and commitments at every opportunity. We also make a point of marking the celebrations of the Christian Year to deepen their understanding and support our Christian ethos.


Art and Design 

At Mrs Ethelston’s, we aim to develop children’s creativity through our topics. Each topic is designed to cover a wide range of skills that progress through each year. They have opportunities to draw, paint, print, make collages, use fabrics and threads and use clay. They are taught the skills and techniques, then given the opportunity to practise them to produce individual and group pieces of work. We also encourage the children to study a variety of classical and modern artists such as Van Gough, William Morris and Roy Lichtenstein . As children go through the school, they are encouraged to think critically and develop an understanding about art and design. We often invite artists to work with the children providing valuable experience and expertise creating both collaborative and individual art.


At Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy we know that music promotes positivity, self-confidence and a sense of community. We believe that it should be a part of our everyday experience at school, whether through singing Worships, choir, performances or music lessons. We aim to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music. The music education at Mrs Ethelston’s Primary is supported by the Devon Music Education Hub.

In Key Stage 1, the children will learn to use their voices to sing expressively through learning songs and chants linked to their topic. Each session will begin with listening to a new song and an appraisal of the piece. Throughout the year the children will be exploring and playing tuned and untuned instruments, which will include contributing to group and class compositions where there will be opportunities to rehearse and perform.

In Key Stage 2, the children will also play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using both their voice and instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression.  As part of the music session, the children will be exposed to a variety of musicians and composers. They will be guided on how to appraise the piece of music through attentive listening, this will support their understanding of the history of music. The children will learn how to read and record notation so that they can rehearse and perform collectively.


The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Lead healthy, active lives.

At Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy, we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and well-being.  Our broad and balanced physical education curriculum is intended to provide for pupils’ increasing self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.  Through a selection of suitably differentiated and logically developed tasks, it is intended that our children, irrespective of their innate ability, will enjoy success and be motivated to further develop their individual potential.

Through lesson time, specialist coaching and our broad range of sports clubs, we support pupils in developing skilful use of the body, the ability to remember, repeat and refine actions and to perform them with increasing control, co-ordination, fluency and safety. We also support pupils in developing an increasing ability to select, link and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas.

Children are encouraged to describe and make simple judgements on their own and others work, and to use their observations and judgements to improve performance. We believe in the importance of drawing cross-curricular links where it is appropriate.  Pupils are taught about the affects of exercise on the body in science, PSHE as well as PE.

At Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy, we promote an understanding of safe practice, and the development of a sense of responsibility towards a child’s own and others’ safety and well-being.


At Mrs Ethelston’s, in PSHE, we follow a scheme called Jigsaw which is organised into six themes:

  • Being me in my world
  • Celebrating difference
  • Dreams and goals
  • Healthy me
  • Relationships and
  • Changing me

These themes are constantly revisited throughout the year as we refer to them in our core values, whether this is through Worship, class discussions, themed days and daily opportunities. 

Curriculum Enhancement

  • P.E. Multi-skills / Alternative Sports - Primary Sports  
  • ICT - Mr Harris
  • Music- Miss Lyons



Please contact us if you have any questions about SATs in year 2 or year 6.  Some information is available here.



If you need to contact the school please use the main email address, the phone will not always be monitored.

Easter Update

03 Apr 2020

Access Art: Make your own sketchbook

02 Apr 2020

Free Audio Books for Children

31 Mar 2020

Scouts - The Great Indoors

30 Mar 2020

Literacy Trust Family Zone

30 Mar 2020

School is now closed

24 Mar 2020

With the exception of children of keyworkers.  If you need to contact the school please use the main email address. 

Unexpected Visitors!

24 Mar 2020

The school was so quiet the children discovered a slow worm today!

Sausage and bread making

10 Mar 2020

Thank you to Mr Lamb and Mr Shuttleworth for coming into school this week to show the children how bread and sausages are made.

World Book Day 2020

05 Mar 2020

On Thursday 5th March, we celebrated World Book Day where the children and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters. It was lovely to see so many creative costumes. The children enjoye...

Milk bottle igloo!

29 Feb 2020

Robins' class are enjoying playing in the igloo! Thank you to everyone who brought in milk bottles. Many thanks, Mrs PowellRobins' class teacher

Update from Mrs Timbrell in Zambia

25 Feb 2020

Hello from Zambia! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  I'm having the most amazing time here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I'm being very well looked after! ...

Chinese dragon dance

10 Feb 2020

Robin's have had a very busy week, this week! Since Tuesday, Robins have been learning about the celebrations that take place during Chinese New Year. They have had fun cre...

South American Cuisine

10 Feb 2020

Year 5 had a fantastic day preparing and cooking their South American empanadas. They had created their own recipes and, after tasting their creations, evaluated their process. They eve...

Year 3/4 Catchball Tournament

04 Feb 2020

Robins' class police visit

03 Feb 2020

Robin's excitedly welcomed PC Chris and PC Beth into our school, who spoke to the children about their uniform, their important roles and about crossing a road safely. One of the biggest highlights fo...

PTFA Disco

24 Jan 2020

Please click here to register.......

Cookery Club

20 Jan 2020

Many thanks to the PTFA for fundraising for our new cooker and fridge. We were very excited to use the cooker for the first time at Cookery Club.   Thank you to all the parents that donated...

Curriculum Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

16 Jan 2020

Curriculum_Meeting Powerpoint Presentation  Please also see the additional information below. Slide 2. As a team of staff, we used our vision and value statement to decide what we wanted o...

RNLI Lyme Regis

14 Jan 2020

Mrs Ethelston's will be supporting the Lyme Regis RNLI by supplying 'Betty's 5p Pots' to any parents/carers that request one.Betty's 5p Pots started in the RNLI Hertford Branch (and is named after th...

Reading Challenge Winners December 2019

20 Dec 2019

 Well done to our Reading Challenge winners!


18 Dec 2019

Our Key Stage 1 children gave two fantastic performaces of their nativity.  They have all worked so hard on their dance moves and singing and we had some very confident speakers.  Well don...

Uplyme Village Hall Christmas Fayre

02 Dec 2019

Our school choir were delighted to support the community by performing at the Uplyme Village Christmas Fayre on Saturday. It was a wonderful opportunity to perform to an audience and we all enjoyed i...

Wreath Making Evening

29 Nov 2019

Thank you to Eli for arranging the talented Emma, of Meadowsweet Floristry, to come and teach us how to make beautiful Christmas Wreaths. A thoroughly enjoyable evening that raised £100!...

Children in Need Day 2019

15 Nov 2019

The children all looked fantastic today dressed in spots and PJs – thank you very much for you kind donations to children in need.  We raised an amazing £217!


15 Nov 2019

Remembrance Day

14 Nov 2019

I attended two Remembrance services this week and at both the children I accompanied represented our school wonderfully. I was very proud to join them, so thank you to the...

Year 4 Residential to Hooke Court

07 Nov 2019

Updated 3.15pm Friday 8th November

Thursday 7th November Children have enjoyed their first night and a great breakfast! Yesterday they had fun...

Kenway Cup

06 Nov 2019

Children from Year 5/6 took part in the kenway cup trials. We had 2 mixed teams and all children played extremely hard in their teams and showed some good sportsmanship. One of out teams will be playi...

Books for Schools

05 Nov 2019

The Sun newspaper have launched  a 'Books For School' campaign. By participating in this event we would be eligible for 100 books completely free of charge. In order to achieve this, we need to c...

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

05 Nov 2019

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal We have a selection of poppies and other items from The Royal British Legion. They will be available between 8.40am - 4.00pm from the school office.

Children's Christmas Card Designs

05 Nov 2019

CHRISTMAS CARD ORDERSPlease check in book bags/rucksacks today for order forms.If you wish to order the Christmas cards/mugs designed by your child please ensure all orders (WITH PAYMENT -cash/cheque)...

Cards Club

22 Oct 2019

Some of they Year 6s came up with the idea to start a lunchtime card club. It was a roaring success today. The Year 6 children taught the younger children some new games and help support them in the...

PTFA 50/50 Club

22 Oct 2019

Please click here for the PTFA 50/50 Club form

Rotary Club Presentation of Dictionaries to Year 6

22 Oct 2019

Many thanks to the Rotary Club for providing the children in Year 6 with dictionaries. They were presented today by Chris Buckingham.

Reception Wildlife Rangers

17 Oct 2019

A huge well done to the children in Robins' Class. They talked about everything bugs and met the bearded dragons for fun!!! By the end of the session it was astounding to see the children’s conf...

Bestic Trust Press Release October 2019

14 Oct 2019


Harvest donations for Lyme Forward Foodbank

11 Oct 2019

Last Friday we celebrated our harvest festival with family and friends at the church. A collection was made for Lyme Regis Food Bank, amounting to £110.00. Robins' class were then chosen to walk...

#HelloYellow Day 2019

08 Oct 2019

Thank you for supporting our #HelloYellow Day, over £160 was raised for 'Young Minds'.  Yesterday in school, Mrs Ethelston's Primary m...

Harvest Festival

04 Oct 2019

It was wonderful to welcome so many of you to the church this morning to celebrate Harvest with us. I was very proud of all the children for their contributions and beautiful singing. The donation...

Dragon Eggs Hatching!

03 Oct 2019

The dragon eggs hatched yesterday amid great excitement in years 1 and 2!

Woodroffe Open Day

27 Sep 2019

Many of our Year 6 pupils visited Woodroffe for their open day this week. It was lovely to hear how excited they are about the next phase of their education and throughout their final year there will...

Stockland Races

27 Sep 2019

  Mr Walsh was very proud to accompany the children to Stockland Races on Wednesday. They represented the school brilliantly and all did a fantastic job!

New School Library

07 Sep 2019

New Library!

Year 5 & 6 Topic Day

07 Sep 2019

Year 5 and 6 had a fun day down at the school field taking part in their Treasure Island Topic Day. The children took part in 6 different activities focusing on the skills they would need to enable th...

YR6 Mini Marines Sleepover

07 Jul 2019

YR6 Mini Marines Sleepover

07 Jul 2019

A visit from Darrell Wakelam

26 Jun 2019

Look at our fantastic mural!  Every child from Reception to Year Five contributed to this amazing piece of art work which will be displayed in the library from September.  Huge thanks to Dar...

Year 6 Residential to Osmington Bay UPDATED 27.06.19 11AM

25 Jun 2019

Monday 24th June Children arrived safely and unpacked, had a tour and enjoyed some free time before dinner and their evening activity.  Everyone is absolutely fine and having a great time - there...

Uplyme Church Flower Festival

24 Jun 2019

Children throughly enjoyed going into church to see the flower festival.

Uplyme Fete

24 Jun 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the drawing competition who opened the fete as Prince and Princess.

Reading Challenge Winners

24 Jun 2019

Well done to our recent reading challenge winners!

Jurassic Coast Challenge

10 Jun 2019

Ms Kite and Miss Lyons completed their 26 miles walk yesterday for Cancer Research in under ten hours! Huge thanks to everyone who has donated!  If you would like still like to donate please fol...

Open Morning for 2019 Reception Starters

07 Jun 2019

For Open_Morning_Details please click here

Reading Challenge Winner

07 Jun 2019

Well done to our winner from Robins' class this week.

Reading Challenge Winners

24 May 2019

Well done to this weeks winners!

Reading Challenge Winners

21 May 2019

We have been drawing raffle tickets each week (that the children have been earning for their reading) and we have helped the children to choose a prize book.

Robins' Class visit to River Cottage

17 May 2019

Robins' class had the full River Cottage experience. They fed pigs, collected eggs and helped make sausages. They made their own pizzas which were cooked in a pizza oven and they ate them for lunch. I...

Fossil Festival 2019

16 May 2019

As part of the Fossil Festival, we were extremely lucky to have several palaeontologists come into school to run fossil-themed workshops throughout the day. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part...

Owls' Trip to Bath American Museum

16 May 2019

Owls' Class had a brilliant trip to the American Museum in Bath. They took part in a variety of activities focussing on the Wild West. The children explored the museum, identifying crucial moments in...

School Choir Performance with BSharp at the Fossil Festival

16 May 2019

Last Saturday, the choir performed magnificently at the Fossil Festival. What a daunting experience particularly for our youngest members, which they took in their stride! I cannot emphasise enough ho...

Air Ambulance Event

04 Apr 2019

Mrs Ethelston’s School Pupils UPLYME LYME REGIS Dorset         Dear Pupils of Mrs Ethelston’s School, Uplyme The trustees of the King George V memorial field in Uply...

Spring Concert

04 Apr 2019

Year 3 & 4 Production

02 Apr 2019

Kingfishers' and Swallows' Class delivered a wonderful performance of 'Rocking Romans'.  After a slightly shaky dress rehearsal, they really focused, gave 100% and performed brilliantly.  I...

Maths Masterclass Final

02 Apr 2019

The Herons' maths group enjoyed their final workshop and presentation at Axminster School.  Having attended six workshops delivered by the Royal Institute for Maths, they enjoyed sharing their le...

Year 5 & 6 Great British Bake Off

25 Mar 2019

Children in Year five and six are thoroughly enjoying their topic this half-term, "The Great British Bake Off".  As part of this, the they have visited the fantastic food technology facilities at...

Reading Challenge Winners

22 Mar 2019

Our reading challenge prize books have finally arrived. So as part of school council we have been helping to celebrate reading this term.  We have been drawing raffle tickets each week (that the...

Lyme Regis Development Trust Questionnaire

21 Mar 2019

Please follow the link to take part in the summer activity survey.

World Book Day 2019

08 Mar 2019

What superb outfits we have seen for World Book Day! We have had a fun-filled day, focusing on poetry.  The children have performed, written and thoroughly enjoyed a wide variety of poems, which...

Superschools Visit

04 Mar 2019

We welcomed Alex Grinter, an international parkour champion, to our school to demonstrate some advanced skills.  He talked about the perseverance he needed and the many years of practice he has d...

Wrens' & Swifts' Victorian Day at Hooke Court

01 Mar 2019

Swifts' and Wrens' had an amazing trip to Hooke Court for their Victorian day.  It was a truly wonderful day and they all came back with lots of interesting facts about what it would have been l...

Kingfishers' & Swallows' Trip to Bath

01 Mar 2019

Last half term, Kingfishers and Swallows enjoyed a trip to the Roman Baths to allow them to engage further with our topic 'The Romans.'  During our trip the children had the opportunity to look...

Roman Day

01 Mar 2019

What a busy half term we have had so far! Kingfishers and Swallows have been up to so many fun things already with our topic 'The Romans.'  The children all participated in our Roman WOW day whe...

Celebrating Chinese New Year

06 Feb 2019

On Tuesday we had a fantastic day celebrating Chinese New Year.  The whole school enjoyed a variety of activities from drama and food-tasting to crafts and dance.   Lunch was a wonderfu...


01 Feb 2019

On a very chilly afternoon Axminster Primary School hosted the Acorn Academy Year 5/6 Netball Tournament with Axminster coming out on top and winning the event. In POOL A we had M...

St Petrock's Donation

18 Jan 2019

Carols By Candlelight

21 Dec 2018

I was incredibly proud of all the children who took part in the Carols by Candlelight Service on Thursday evening.  The singing was beautiful and the instrumentalists were fantastic.  It was...

Planting trees at the school field

21 Dec 2018

Carols round the tree

21 Dec 2018

Merry Christmas!

18 Dec 2018

Thank you to the PTFA members and staff (and any other helpers!) who put up the Christmas Tree this week.  It is a beautiful tree from Holly Hill Nurseries. Thank you to them for kindly donating...

Year 6 Maths Lesson

23 Nov 2018

Today in Year 6's maths lesson, we were creating our own school flag using the area and perimeter skills that we learnt this week. It was enjoyable because you actually were able to design your own cr...

Hooke Court 2018

22 Nov 2018

Children in Need 2018

16 Nov 2018

Uplyme Church

12 Nov 2018

Last Sunday, the House Captains and some members of the Ethos Committee made us extremely proud, representing Mrs Ethelston's at the Remembrance Service.  Following the presentation of the wreath...

Axminster Remembrance Ceremony

12 Nov 2018

As part of the wider community, the House Captains took part in a ceremony in Axminster, where wreaths were laid and one of our Year 6 children read a prayer for the fallen in front of the variou...

School Wreath laid at Ypes

11 Nov 2018

William from Owls' class visited Ypres and Tyne Cot last weekend.  He laid a wreath made by the school in front of the Devonshire Regiment plate, which include some of the soilders who serve...

Trench Cake Competition

06 Nov 2018

Thank you to everyone who entered the Trench Cake Competition, we had so many amazing cakes!  They were all judged on appearance and taste by The Mayor of Lyme Regis, Michaela Ellis and Ian...

Trench Cake Competition

02 Nov 2018

Summer Reading Challenge Rotary Club Presentation

29 Oct 2018

Maths Challenge!

29 Oct 2018

Open Days

15 Oct 2018

Please click here here to view information about our open days.

Year 6 Bikeability

12 Oct 2018

Children from year six had a very exciting week, participating in their Bikeability Cycling course, levels one and two.  Well done to all of them and thank you to the team who ran the course over...

Rotary Club Presentation of dictionaries to Year 6

05 Oct 2018

The Rotary Club kindly donated dictionaries to all of our Year Six pupils.  Grateful thanks to them, the children were thrilled with them.

Summer Reading Challenge

05 Oct 2018

Well done to all the children that took place in the Summer Reading Challenge!

New Reception Class

02 Oct 2018

Welcome to all our new children in Robins' class.

SIAMS Outstanding School Inspection

17 Sep 2018

On Tuesday 11th September, we were honoured to be visited by the Archdeacon Christopher, who came to meet the children and present us with a special certificate for our outstanding SIAMs.  He enj...

Open Garden

20 Jul 2018

Our Open Garden was a huge success and raised £68, which will be used in the school garden next year. Thank you to everyone who helps in the garden, especially Jo Williams.

Uplyme Horticultural Show

20 Jul 2018

Thank you to all the children for their amazing entries in the Uplyme Horticultural Show, well done to the winners: Aurora, Elizabeth, Rufus, Talullah, Harry C, Alexie, Georgia, Andrew, Rhea, Sasha, L...

YR6 Waterpark Trip

20 Jul 2018

Herons' Class have had an action-packed week, having visited a waterpark, tried a variety of new sports and there is a sleepover tonight for them as part of their leavers' activities! ...

Poppy Art

16 Jul 2018

For the centenary of the end of the First World War, Uplyme Church are planning a big installation and art exhibition in the church.The exhibition will be put on for the week preceding Remembranc...


10 Jul 2018

Robins, Wrens, Swifts, Kingfishers and Swallows were incredibly excited to see some butterflies hatched by Robins, Swifts and Kingfishers today. It was a wonderful reminder of our core value, Celebrat...

SIAMs Press Release

06 Jul 2018

Mrs Ethelston’s CE Primary Academy Rated as “Outstanding” & “Remarkable” in recent inspection. Mrs Ethelstons’s CE has been graded as Outstanding in a recent i...

Robins' Ugly Bug Ball

03 Jul 2018

The children dressed up as creepy crawlies for the Ugly Bug Ball.  When they danced, played bug games and ate bug food (satsuma snails, celery slugs and strawberry&nbsp...

Swallows' Topic - 'What lies beneath'

03 Jul 2018

Last Tuesday, Swallows' class had a special visitor. Our visitor works as an undersea diver in the oil industry. He spoke to us about his experiences about what lies beneath. We were amazed to hear t...

Wrens' & Swifts' Fossil Hunting

03 Jul 2018

Uplyme & Lyme Regis Cricket Information

22 Jun 2018

Bugfest Robins' & Year 3

21 Jun 2018

Clean Air Day 2018

21 Jun 2018

Key Stage 1 have been learning about Clean Air Day and how we can help prevent air pollution. Wrens' and Swifts' took to the playground to investigate if we had clean air or polluted air according to...

Sports Day

18 Jun 2018

What a fantastic Sports Day!  Well done to all the children for taking part with such enthusiasm. Well done to the winning House - Hardy. Thank you to Mrs Timbrell for organising the event an...

Year 6 Sailing Day

12 Jun 2018

Herons enjoyed learning how to sail at Portland. The children worked in pairs to sail the boat together and really enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Mrs Pellow and Mrs Ha...

Lyme Bay Marine Visit

12 Jun 2018

Robins, Wrens and Swifts were very lucky to have a visitor form Lyme Bay Marine to tell us about some of the life in our local bay. The children especially enjoyed the live crab and lobster!{! gallery...

Enterprise Day

12 Jun 2018

Uplyme Fete 2018

10 Jun 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the colouring competition Seth and Maisie, who were crowned Fete Prince and Princess and opened the Uplyme Fete.

The Story Boat has arrived!

04 Jun 2018

The children have been very excited to see the Story Boat arrive this morning. Traditional wooden boatbuilder, Gail McGarva, holds the workshops inside the magical and...

Residential News

21 May 2018

Our journalists report... ‘After we arrived at PGL, we met our instructors. We then found out which our rooms were and who we were sharing with. After setting up our ro...

Swifts' & Wrens' Class

18 May 2018

Swifts and Wren's were both very lucky on Monday afternoon to have a visit from Mr Singer who told them lots of different things about Judaism. The children particularly enjoyed learning a s...

Eggperiments in Swallows' Class

18 May 2018

Swallows' Class have been designing experiments to establish what types of drinks cause tooth decay.  They have looked at the different types of variables to ensure their tests are fair and focus...

The Storyteller- Martin Maudsley

09 May 2018

On Tuesday we welcomed Mr Martin Maudsley into all our classes for his storytelling workshops.  The response was overwhelmingly positive- more information and photos to follow! "On Tuesday w...

School Journalists

04 May 2018

Year 4 This week, in topic, we have been learning about Mary Anning.  We were given factual pieces about her and we used these facts to make a little booklet. In maths, we have been revising mu...

New books- thanks to the Readathon!

29 Apr 2018

Miss Lyons has met this week with all the children that took part in the sponsored Readathon last term. The PTFA have kindly contributed money towards this and now we have a considerable amount to spe...

New School Update

29 Apr 2018

The Landscape Concept Plan for the new school was introduced to the staff last week by Gyles Morris the landscape architect and outdoor learning specialist who is advising our school trust. The staff...

School Journalists

27 Apr 2018

Year 1 Wrens' Class In Maths we have been using doubles, halves and quarters.  I like PE because we run around and I like Maths because we get to learn exciting stuff.  Lily Year 2 Swift...

Our Spiritual Space

25 Apr 2018

You may have noticed the area by Swifts' Class is beginning to look much more cheerful.  This is our Spiritual Space, where classes and children can go for some peace and reflection.  We wil...

Traffic Trial

25 Apr 2018

Please give us feedback about our trial at the beginning of the school day-  Dropping Off in the Morning- TWO WEEK TRIALFrom next week, we will trial having a member of staff in a high visibil...

New Clubs list

24 Apr 2018

Summer Term Clubs List 2018

Year 1 Trip to the Spacedome

23 Apr 2018

We learnt that the sun is one million times bigger than Earth. The sun is a star and there are some stars bigger than the sun and some stars smaller than the sun. The sun's light reflects on the moo...

Celebrating our differences and Autism Awareness Week

06 Apr 2018

During the final week of term, we spent a week looking at what makes us all unique and special.  This was part of National Autism Awareness week. The children enjoyed a worship from Reverend Cat...

Our Easter Service

01 Apr 2018

The children, staff, parents and friends came together on Thursday to celebrate this important time of year.  Children of all ages took part and the singing was beautiful.   2018East...

Decorated Eggs

29 Mar 2018

Year 6

29 Mar 2018

Today we made juice from different fruits grown in South America.  These were fruits like grapefruit, pineapple, lemon and mango.  We had to use our maths skills to...

Year 2 Visit to Dunster Castle

28 Mar 2018

Year 2 Gardening

28 Mar 2018


28 Mar 2018

The year 6 children have spent some time drafting, editing and writing up their stories, based on the Great Kapok Tree.  The younger children in Robins' and Wrens' thoroughly enjoyed listening to...

Fire Safety Visit Year 2 & 5

26 Mar 2018

Thank you to Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for their 'Staying Safe' visit.

Celebration & Ethos Worship

26 Mar 2018

Robins' Class Worship

25 Mar 2018

Well done to Robins' Class for their very first class worship this week.  They were brave and shared with us a story they have been learning about bears.  We were also treated to some singin...

Triumph for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

22 Mar 2018

What a phenomenal performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from Kingfishers' and Swallows' Class.  The children were amazing in their acting roles, superb at their singing and so enthusia...

Wren's trip to Seaton Wetlands

21 Mar 2018

Wrens Class had a superb visit to Seaton Wetlands.  The children really enjoyed their trip and they were able to catch a variety of under water creatures when pond dipping. They had the opportuni...

Teddy Bear Outing

19 Mar 2018

Robins' Class visited the Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester this week.  They took their furry friends along to meet the veterans, and thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the park as well.  Well done...

Spring Concert

19 Mar 2018

What a superb musical extravaganza the Spring Concert was.  The show featured performances by all year groups on violins, cornets, guitars, ukeles, piano and more!  Along with some fantastic...

Thrills at the Theatre

14 Mar 2018

Herons' Class went to watch Wicked.  Swallows' and Kingfishers' Classes went to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, picking up tips for their upcoming production!  All classes were comm...

PTFA Springo Bingo

12 Mar 2018

Thank you to all parents and children who came to support the PTFA on Friday at Springo Bingo. We raised £125 which will go towards this years fundraising cause of Enrichment which will benefit...

South Africa- helping where we can

28 Feb 2018

In February, we were asked if we might donate some exercise books to a school in Cape Town, South Africa.   Mrs


10 Jan 2018

Please bear with us as we ensure that pages are updated and content transferred across.   

Happy New Year

04 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to all Pupils, Parents and Carers of Mrs Ethelston’s,There will be no newsletter this week as we have had such a short week.Clubs will commence from 15th January. The new clubs li...

Carols round the Tree

15 Dec 2017

Many thanks to all the parents that joined us for our last event this year - Carols round the Tree, and many thanks to Irve Davis-Griffiths.

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

15 Dec 2017

Thank you to everyone for taking part in our Christmas Jumper Day.  We raised over £110 for Save the Children.

B Sharp at The Hub

05 Dec 2017

Well done to all the Mrs E's children that took part in the B Sharp 'Out of the Box' on Friday evening.  A fantastic performance at the Hub and also lovely to see some old pupils performing too.

Uplyme Village Hall Christmas Fayre

04 Dec 2017

Thank you to the members of Mrs Ethelston's Choir that performed at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday.  There will be another chance to hear them sing at the Carols by Candlelight on 14th December...

Sports' Day

18 Jul 2017

Thank you so much to everyone for the tremendous support for Sports' day today.  Special thanks to the staff and helpers, particularly to Mrs Timbrell for the hours of organisation.  These e...

Owls' Class

18 Jul 2017

Year 5 have been learning about the Olympics.  We learnt how to compete in the long jump (which is different to today) and will be writing explanation text to explain how to be successful!

Year 6 Kenway Cup Tournament, Colfox

18 Jul 2017

Thankfully the rain held off, which enabled the football team to attend Colfox Academy for Kenway Cup knockout tournament.  Well done to them for battling against some very good teams and showing...

Spring Concert

18 Jul 2017

This week we enjoyed a fantastic Spring Concert at the church.  These occasions make me so very proud of the children, staff and school.  The contributions were stunning and to quote a paren...

Swimmers Support Superbly!

18 Jul 2017

Well done to all our swimmers who travelled to Dorchester Thomas Hardye Leisure Centre on Friday.  The team supported each other magnificently at quite an overwhelming event!  We are proud o...