If you wish to contact the PTFA please email

Mrs Ethelston's PTFA

Sadly we have not received any offers for the role of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. These are integral roles within the committee and if we do not get any volunteers we will have to look at disbanding the PTFA. We can not legally continue without people in these positions
If we have to close down Mrs E's PTFA there will be no discos, Christmas craft workshop, subsidy class trips, art supplies for the school, school garden, termly stop the clock days, subsidy of Yr 6 hoodies, external practitioners (offering experiences in art, sports and with bugs and birds) refreshments at all events, such as; plays, concerts, worships, enterprise day, sports day - the list goes on!*
It also means we won't have the funds available for one-off items needed by the school, examples of which are; laptops x6, abacus math programme, TT Rockstars, active learn programme, PA sound system, travel to Christmas pantomime, cooking facilities, choir workshop - again, only to name a few!
The positions can be shared and between two people it won't be an onerous one. 
If you would like all our children to have the best educational experience, then please email  
*Our usual calendar of events will have to be a little different this year, we’re working on some great alternatives - which are still only possible if there’s a PTFA! 
Kind regards

If you need to contact the school please use the main email address, the phone will not always be monitored.

Reception Open Day

08 Oct 2021

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Additional Parking

21 Sep 2021

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Community Worship

16 Sep 2021

A huge 'well done' to some of our Year 6's, who took part in the community worship at the church on Education Sunday, you all read so confidently. Thank you for representing our school!

The Wild West Day!

30 Apr 2021

Year 5 and 6 had a very exciting topic day. They dressed in their finest Wild West outfits and enjoyed taking part in lots of brilliant activities. They learnt a traditional dance, made dream catchers...

BugFest Visit

22 Apr 2021

On Thursday, we had some extremely special visitors in school. Mrs Storer organised for BugFest to join us in school and the children from Reception to Year 4 all enjoyed learning about these bugs as...

TT Rockstars Day

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Easter at Mrs Ethelston's

30 Mar 2021

The sun shone beautifully for our Easter day celebration in school. The children looked amazing with their Easter hats and had clearly worked very hard on their egg creations! They also enjoyed a vari...

Speed Bounce

23 Mar 2021

We all enjoyed the Speed Bounce event.  This was organised by Mrs Williamson and run by Mr Jared from Primary Sports. It was brilliant to compete in an event that everyone could enjoy and althoug...

Easter Gift

22 Mar 2021

We have had a very special delivery in school this week. The children have been gifted with a beautiful and unique handmade knitted chicken with a special treat inside. These gifts have been lovingly...

Spaceship Landing!

18 Mar 2021

An alien the Robins' have named Bll has arrived in class. We believe he may be linked to the spaceship crash at the outside garden a few ago? The children are delighted by it's appearance. Today they...