Ethos Committee

We are a group of pupils from across the school who meet to review the Church ethos of our School with Miss Stapleforth.

We think about what makes our School special as a Church School and how we can help one another to better live out our six core Christian values. We do this in part by helping to plan and improve times of Collective Worship for the whole school community and prayers we hold throughout each day.

We meet regularly to review our ethos and what we learn in R.E. as well as how we nurture spirituality throughout the school day and the ways in which we help our local and wider communities. As well as helping to lead Collective Worship, we also observe and evaluate it and speak to different people about what could be improved.

We believe that everyone in school should be included in the way we celebrate, worship and pray so we always try to make sure everyone's different needs are met and that we share our work with parents, governors and the local Church.