Mental Health and Wellbeing

Devon Family Advice Line

ECI have a new phone advice line for parents and carers across Devon.. The number for the new service is 01392 949059 and it will be manned from 10 – 2pm Monday to Friday. People will be able to leave a message outside of these hours, or when the operators are all busy.

It will offer advice on a specific issue around their children and their family relationships, including any communication issues or conflict they are having with their partners or co-parents of their children. It is not meant to be a replacement for more targeted work, but just a way to offer people a place to be heard and a few tips on how to deal with a particular situation or to signpost them to an organisation which may be able to help them.

Exeter Community Initiatives

148-149 Fore Street, Exeter EX4 3AN

07572 946235

W: T: @Exeter CI

Charity no. 1026229 Company no. 2844870

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