At Acorn Multi Academy Trust we value the individuality of all our children and we are committed to enabling all pupils to take part as fully as possible in every part of school life by developing each child’s self-confidence, recognising their strengths and encouraging them to achieve their full potential. 

Acorn Multi Academy Trust recognises that certain groups in society have historically been disadvantaged on account of unlawful discrimination they have faced on the basis of their race, gender, disability, religion and belief, sexual orientation or age. Our Equality Policy puts in place a range of actions to eliminate prejudice, unlawful discrimination and victimisation within the Trust, its school communities and workforce. 

The Equality Act 2010 requires us to publish specific and measurable equality objectives. Our equality objectives are based on our analysis of data and other information. They focus on those areas where we have agreed to take action to improve equality and tackle disadvantage. 

The Trust and its academies report annually on the progress made in achieving its equality objectives. Data to be published may include, but not be limited to: school performance, anti-bullying policies, school development plans, equality milestones and curriculum materials. 


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Equality Policy & Objectives - Acorn MAT