Our aim at Mrs Ethelston’s is to promote high standards of language and literacy by embedding our teaching of spelling, reading, grammar and writing across the whole curriculum. This allows us to maximise exposure to these skills and enables the children to consolidate their learning in a range of ways. We plan our literacy units of work to closely match our creative topics thereby providing purposeful and engaging opportunities for the children to write. We facilitate this learning by sharing with the children a wide range of high quality texts and genres to expose the children to a substantial variety of writing styles and authors.

 We strive to develop a passion for reading and use this as a tool to unlock interests and topics. We publically promote reading for pleasure through our new library space, our class reads, celebrating World Book Day, D.E.A.R challenge and a sponsored readathon.

Where possible, teaching of reading and grammar is interwoven into literacy sessions so that the skills can be embedded alongside writing. In some classes separate skills sessions are also taught to support understanding in these areas. Discussions, debates, presentations, drama and other speaking and listening activities are also used so that all learners can explore the themes and ideas of texts and genres in a variety of ways.

The children are really proud of their literacy work and this is celebrated through displays, sharing work with other adults and children, and as part of our collective worships.

KS1 Phonics and Reading Schemes

RWI at Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy

At Mrs Ethelston’s Primary Academy we aim for all our children to become fluent, confident readers who are passionate about reading.

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KS2 Reading Schemes

In Key stage 2, the children are monitored with the use of Accelerated Reader. This gives the children an indicator of their reading level. The children then take part in small guided reading groups with their teacher, as well as whole class guided reading sessions based on their class read on a weekly basis. Throughout the year teachers will support and monitor reading fluency and comprehension through a variety of different methods. Through all of this, we nurture their love of reading as we explore a variety of different texts throughout their time at Mrs Ethelston's. 


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